ES B2B Professional Official statement

D8 Gloss Pearl Pink

New 2019

Thunder Kid

Necessary in a complete catalogue. Kids and small head people need their own helmet concept. Can be used like Snowmobile helmet with snow breathguard, snowmobile neck curtain and “double or electric lens”. Special comfort fabrics.

3 Sizes outer shell
Aerodynamic Shape
Air inputs
Quick Release Micrometric Bucket
Multiple density inner polyestirene


One of the safest helmets in the market, with a high score of 4 stars in the prestigious SHARP test.


Official statement


Dear Sirs,


Our firm MANUFACTURAS TOMAS, S.A. is a Spanish helmet manufacturer, whose trademark “MT HELMETS” is well known and have worldwide reputation in the helmet sector.

We have been aware that thought the website a crime is being committed. The purchasers that ordered the helmets through this website did not received the goods, and of course there is not any commercial relation between our distributors and such individual.


It is a clear case of identity theft and internet scam of which we are victims, but not only our company but the good faith purchasers.


The legal department of MT HELMETS, has taken the necessary measures to end this illegality and we hope to have resolved the problem as soon as possible


Best regards,